Builders to fall in love

We specialize in high-quality renovations, including tile work, parquet flooring installation, painting, and the construction of stunning pools.

We understand that renovations can be challenging without reliable and competent service providers. Our team of 7 skilled craftsmen combines technical expertise with creative vision to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

  • Repairs: Addressing issues such as faulty water pipes, electrical problems, damaged tiles, leaky roofs, and more.
  • Renovation work: Remodeling or modernizing rooms, including painting, wallpapering, flooring installation, fitting new doors or windows, installing new sanitary fixtures or electrical appliances, and more.
  • Installation of sanitary fixtures: Such as toilets, sinks, shower enclosures, bathtubs, as well as the installation of electrical appliances like lamps, outlets, switches, and ensuring their proper functioning.
  • Structural modifications: Such as removing or adding walls.
  • Kitchen or bathroom remodeling: Creating additional storage space, redesigning layouts, etc.
  • Flooring work: Installation or repair of floor coverings such as tiles, parquet, laminate, carpets, and addressing damages or uneven surfaces.
  • Painting work: Interior and exterior painting, wallpapering, plastering, surface preparation, and applying paint or wall coverings.
  • Carpentry work: Crafting, installing, or repairing wooden furniture, built-in cabinets, shelves, windows, doors, stairs, railings, and other wooden structures.
  • Tile work: Installing or replacing tiles on walls and floors, grouting and sealing work, creating tile backsplashes, and more.
  • Garden and landscaping: Outdoor work, including the creation of pathways, terraces, flower beds, installation of fences or gates, lawn establishment, tree care, and the installation of irrigation systems.

Contact us today to discuss your renovation plans or pool construction. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed cost estimate.