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Pool Cleaning Services

We ensure a carefree swimming experience in your pool! In addition to maintaining the pH level, proper pool monitoring and cleaning are carried out once a week. This includes not only cleaning but also professional and technical inspection of the entire facility.


  • Pool water cleaning: Checking and adjusting the pH level, chlorine, and other chemical values to ensure optimal water quality.
  • Removal of dirt and debris: Regular vacuuming of the pool floor, cleaning the surface from leaves, insects, and other impurities.
  • Pool wall cleaning: Removing algae, lime deposits, or other dirt from the pool walls.
  • Filter cleaning: Cleaning and maintenance of the pool filtration system to ensure efficient water filtration.
  • Inspection and maintenance of pool equipment: Checking and maintaining the pump, filter, heater, and other pool equipment to ensure their proper functionality.
  • Pool winterization: Preparing the pool for the winter season, including draining, cleaning, and covering.
  • Pool repairs: Addressing damages such as leaks, cracks, or faulty components.
  • Chemical supply: Providing pool chemicals to maintain the optimal condition of the pool.
  • Consultation and training: Offering information, advice, and training on pool care and maintenance for pool owners.

We would be happy to provide you with a customized offer for your pool!