Holiday Guest Services and Management

We provide year-round processing and management services for your holiday guests. Inspections, fresh sheets, phone hotline, cleaning services and much more included!

List of services:

  • Guest check-in
  • Guest check-out
  • Cleaning service for your finca after every guest departure
  • Disposal of leftover food and opened packages in your fridge
  • Separate hygiene inspection in your kitchen (particularly your fridge)
  • Strip off bedding, take it to the cleaners for washing and pressing, fetch it from the cleaners and change the bedding, ready for the next guest.
    (Fees for washing, pressing, etc. are billed separately)
  • Wash towels or take them to the cleaners (and fetch them again)
  • Inspection of electrical equipment
  • Inspection of kitchen utensils
  • Sweep the terrace, including use of a high pressure cleaner if needed
  • Pool inspection
  • Garden inspection
  • Handyman services
  • Option of registration with local authorities
  • Five calls from your guests to our management services per stay during the hours of 9AM to 7PM are included